Tuesday 3 October 2023
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de Niemanders

The search for stories continues. This time in refugee asylums across the country.


Lotus can swim in the Water

by Mesude Feyza DinΓ§er Day and night, life and death. Every person used to look up at the sky as if there were no horizons. But then they would see the horizon, draw the line of their own infinity, and turn their backs to the sky. That’s what life meant for the little water lily. […]

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Work in progess…

Photographer Nurullah ‘Thori’ Akcan joined us during our sessions at the AZC this week, where he skillfully captured the hard work and creativity of individuals like Guy-El, Ramona, and others. Thori’s photos beautifully showcase the dedication and passion these participants put into their artistic endeavors, highlighting the vibrant creative energy that filled the room. Check […]

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De Gelderlander Interview!

Read the interview we did with the Dutch newspaper De Gelderlander about our new album De Niemanders II and all the other projects that we are working on! (Only in Dutch)

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JUST IN: Guy-El Mabiala released his first song ever!

Guy-El Mabiala, a fantastic human, musician and songwriter – who De Niemanders jammed, laughed and recorded with – just released his first song ever! He wrote and recorded this while he was living in asylum centers, there’s a full album coming named ‘Kimuntu.’ Unfortunately we can’t celebrate with him, because he has been expelled out […]

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Families in Leeuwarden Camp Demand Expedited Asylum Procedures

By Mohamad Eid A group of families among the asylum seekers residing in LEEUWARDEN Camp in northern Netherlands have urged the local authorities to assist in expediting their asylum procedures, which have exceeded more than a year, as they continue to wait for the IND (Immigration and Naturalization Service) to schedule their second interview. They […]

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