Thursday 30 May 2024
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de Niemanders

The search for stories continues. This time in refugee asylums across the country.


Line-up De Nacht van de Niemander

De Nacht van de Niemander will be a colorful party until deep into the night, in which artists from all over the world will be given a stage. Punk, psychedelia, dabke, hip hop, rock, Sufi music, Arabic club tunes and theater blast from the various stages in Luxor Live. This is the complete line-up!


Rapper Ray Fuego (SMIB) is an elusive creative phenomenon. A singer and lyricist who dares to be truly honest and hyperpersonal. He dives with pounding machine Ploegendienst  β€“ together with unexpected combinations and hard energy.

De Niemanders

The musical collective De Niemanders started in Dutch prisons in 2018. This resulted in an acclaimed album that was released in 2020. Since December 2022, they have been making music in Dutch asylum seeker centers with refugees. An album is in development. On December 30 you will hear prison songs, sneak peeks of some AZC songs and songs with guest Rudeboy.


Patrick Tilon aka Rudeboy tells it like it is. Music is his path, he is averse to dogmas and he continues to emerge in new surprising constellations in which he lets his associative and poetic light shine. Rudeboy is one of the greats and that is why we are proud to be able to perform two songs from his oeuvre with him on December 30.


A Syrian-Dutch live sensation from our neighboring city Nijmegen. The band around top 10 hit producer / masterful keyboardist Abdul Rahim Al-Saleh (ΨΉΨ¨Ψ―Ψ§Ω„Ψ±Ψ­ΩŠΩ… Ψ§Ω„Ψ΅Ψ§Ω„Ψ­) makes music from the Arabic tradition. Sparkling, hypnotic & super danceable. Sounds like Rizan Said, Altin Gun and Omar Souleyman in one live band with western dance influences.


A phenomenon in Somali youth culture. Rapper ISMA IP built his fan base while fleeing the war as a refugee. We met him with De Niemanders in the AZC and made some mesmerizing songs with him. He is now building his live career and we are proud to welcome him as a solo act.

Sinan Arat’s Sufidelica

Sinan is a Turkish flutist who walks many worlds. Whether with a psychedelic rock band, the Netherlands Wind Ensemble or solo: he unmistakably finds his own place and sound in the music. He is a student and master of many wind instruments. On December 30 he will bring two musicians and a dancer to enchant us.

Yallah! Yallah!

A long DJ set full of Moroccan hip hop, reggaeton from Egypt and Israel, speed dabke from Lebanon, trap from Syria, Palestinian hip hop. The best vibes from the Middle East and beyond.

Katie Koss

Katie Koss (Katja Poltavets), originally from Ukraine, is all about self-development and reflection. With her sultry and soulful indie pop she takes you into her self-study. She examines herself, marvels at her perspective and reflects on topics such as freedom, female empowerment, self-determination and multiculturalism. She found inspiration for her music from artists such as Lianne la Havas, Arlo Parks and Leon Bridges.


Amaguk is an ambitious power trio with a shared passion for creating innovative music. They work together to create powerful compositions that combine jazz, punk, D&B and Mediterranean influences, resulting in a unique sound somewhere between King Crimson, Jojo Mayer and Black Midi.

Omar Ka Orchestra

Omar Ka Orchestra plays the irresistible West African groove. This is no coincidence as Omar Ka grew up in Senegal and was raised in the rich Fulani music tradition. The orchestra is a group of friends. Traditional instruments such as the Kamale n’goni (African harp) and djembe, supplemented with drums, bass guitar, guitar and trumpet guarantee an irresistible sound!

El Magico Baobab

El MΓ‘gico Baobab is an authentic Colombian sound system, known as a ‘picΓ³.’ In Caribbean coastal cities such as Barranquilla, Cartagena and Santa Marta, picΓ³ sound systems bring vibrancy to the streets and contribute to the rich culture of these cities. Artist William Guitterez PeΓ±aloza created the signature hand-painted fluorescent design on this sound system that brings you a wide range of tropical sounds, from salsa to cumbia, champeta to highlife!

Culture Cloud

The Arnhem DJ collective Culture Cloud says: ‘At Culture Cloud the focus is on one thing: coming together to enjoy music, dance and the atmosphere that is created. We believe it is important to recognize and celebrate the diversity of different colors, cultures, religions and identities.’

Q Mars

Q Mars is a 27-year-old Iranian rapper who started rapping from eastern Tehran. He now lives in the Netherlands and there he also expresses himself through hip hop. De Niemanders is working with him on a track on the upcoming album, but at the Nacht Van De Niemanders he will perform ten solo repertoire.

Naji XYZ

Naji XYZ is a music producer/rapper straight from war-torn Yemen. He started making music in a basement under air raids and moved to Egypt and worked as a producer for an electronic band called ZerOne.

Sait GΓΌlsen

Former Turkish diplomat Sait Gulsen came to the Netherlands five years ago as a refugee. He is now a job coach, woodworker, director, storyteller, YouTube Dutch teacher and writer. During the ‘spoken words’ sessions in the basement, he talks about his adventurous escape story, which he describes as ‘even stranger than fiction’, told by a mysterious traveling companion.

In collaboration with Wintertuin and Vergezichten

We have added a new area to our Nacht Van De Niemander festival. On December 30, in the basement of Luxor Live, you can listen to Sait Gulsen talk about his adventurous flight story, which he describes as ‘even stranger than fiction’ and to Sally Jabour’s solo performance ‘Yours’, a musical theater solo based on a true story of a girl with PTSD, who travels around the world with her book.

Sally Jabour plays ‘Yours’

Syrian-born Sally Jabour plays a musical theater solo based on a true story of a girl with PTSD, with her book about traveling around the world. She writes and sings about everything, namely her own story. She comes to the Netherlands in search of a new beginning, a clean slate. But in this ‘land of the free’ she sits stretched out.



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