Tuesday 18 June 2024
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The search for stories continues. This time in refugee asylums across the country.


First confirmed artists!

First names Nacht Van De Niemander!

On December 30th, pop venue Luxor Live in Arnhem will come alive with performances ranging from punk and psychedelica to dabke, hip-hop, rock, Sufi music, and Arabic club tunes. De Nacht van de Niemander is drawing closer, and we’ve already confirmed the first artists, including PloegendienstRudeboy (Urban Dance Squad), ShamzonIsma IPSinan Arat’s SufidelicaYallah! Yallah! and Ismaîl Mamo who will be playing ‘Zij stuurde mij een tikkie van 99 cent.’ And this is just the first announcement, there will be more to come! Buy your tickets here.


Rapper Ray Fuego (SMIB) is an elusive creative phenomenon. A singer and songwriter who is really honest and hyperpersonal and dares to show. He dives in headfirst with the pounding machine Ploegendienst – together with artistic heavyweights Bastiaan Bosma (Mich, Aux Raus), Bram Swarte (Malle Pietje and De Bimbo’s), and Michiel Beffers (Firestone) – on the 30th of December. We, De Niemanders, love unexpected combinations and hard energy, and we are happy and proud that Ploegendienst is joining our party!


Patrick Tilon aka Rudeboy tells it like it is. Music is his path; he is averse to dogmas and keeps popping up in new surprising constellations in which he shines his associative and poetic light. Rudeboy is one of the greats of the Earth, and that is why we are proud that we can join him on two songs from his oeuvre on December 30.


A Syrian-Dutch live sensation from our neighboring city Nijmegen. The band, from top 10 hit producer/masterful keyboardist Abdul Rahim Al-Saleh (عبدالرحيم الصالح), makes music in the Arabic tradition. Sparkling, hypnotic & super danceable. Sounds like Rizan Said, Altin Gun, and Omar Souleyman in 1 live band with western dance influences. Check them out here.


A phenomenon in Somali youth culture. Rapper ISMA IP built his fan base while he fled the war as a refugee. We met him with De Niemanders in an asylum center and made some hypnotic songs with him. He is now building his live career, and we are proud that we can welcome him as a solo act. Hear his incredible work here.

Sinan Arat’s Sufidelica

Sinan is a Turkish flutist who has traveled many worlds. Whether with a psychedelic rock band, Nederlands Blazers Ensemble, or solo: he unmistakably finds his place and sound in the music. He is a student and master of many wind instruments. On December 30th, he brings two musicians and a dancer to enchant us.

Yallah! Yallah!

A long DJ set full of Moroccan hip hop, reggaeton from Egypt and Israel, speed dab from Lebanon, trap from Syria, Palestinian hip hop. The best vibes from the Middle East and beyond. Dive into their beats here.

Ismaîl Mamo plays ‘She sent me a ‘tikkie’ of 99 cents’

Where does ignorance take you when you just arrive in a new country? When you don’t speak the language and don’t know the culture? Ismail learned about his new country through entertainment, and we get to know Ismail through entertainment.

De Niemanders

The musical collective De Niemanders started in 2018 in Dutch prisons. This resulted in an acclaimed album that was released in 2020. They have been making music in Dutch asylum centers since December 2022. An album is in the works. On December 30, you will hear prison songs, sneak peeks of some AZC songs, and songs with a special guest, Rudeboy.



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