Tuesday 18 June 2024
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The search for stories continues. This time in refugee asylums across the country.


Crystal Radio

Crystal Radio FM and TV, under the leadership of CEO Dennis Spaine, invites individuals to join their community collaboration initiative. With a focus on rural development, the organization aims to address various pressing issues like poverty, agriculture, gender inequality, education, and social problems through locally-driven programming.

Specifically targeting the regions of Lunsar, Port Loko, and Marampa in Free Town, Sierra Leone, Crystal Radio emphasizes the importance of sharing information and expanding networks for farmers. The initiative also promotes youth empowerment, capacity building, and information exchange to tackle social challenges and foster livelihood changes. This endeavor demonstrates a commitment to community improvement and encourages collaboration and unity among citizens.

Crystal Radio from Nijmegen

Currently, Dennis is staying in the Nijmegen asylum centre, because he had to flee his country. The current space where Dennis is located is not large enough to accommodate a proper radio station setup, and he would like to have the necessary equipment such as a good microphone, better computer, speakers, and headphones to continue creating exciting content for his radio station. However, Dennis broadcasts the best music, all through the day and night. The radio station is on 24/7.

Listen to Crystal Radio by Dennis Spaine:



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